Week 15 – Day of Delight

Here is a great video from Pastor Mark Finley on keeping the Sabbath – enjoy!

And get to know SabbathTruth.com and share it near and far!

Week 14 – Something Better

Here is a great sermon from Pastor Doug Batchelor at a 3ABN camp meeting a few years ago.

And, here is a great chapter in Joe Crews class book Creeping Compromise:

Legalism or love by Joe Crews

Week #13 – Tell It to the World

Publishing Resources

Adventist Book Center
Remnant Publications
TEACH Services
Layman Ministry News

Health Resources

Adventist Health Ministries
Adventist Medical Evangelism Network
Life & Health Network

Community Services

Adventist Community Services (ACS)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency


Adventist Education
EA Sutherland Education Association (AudioVerse Messages)
Adventist Community Learning

Foreign Missions

Adventist Mission
Adventist Frontier Missions
ASAP Ministries
LIGHT Ministry

Media Ministry

Amazing Facts
It Is Written
Voice of Prophecy
Hope Channel

Week #12 – Only One Thing to Fear

Week #11 – God of Order

Week #10 – Sacred Ceremonies

Week #9 – Sacred Assemblies

Sabbath School Alive

Small Group Curriculum

Week #8 – Called to Witness

GLOW Online

Winsome Witnessing by Pastor Gary Gibbs

Week #7 – Our Mission

Mission Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Called… The Chosen PDF

The 3AM Call

Week #6 – The Family Altar

Here are some great resources from our friends at Restoration International.

Week #5 – By Beholding

Week #4 – Secret Prayer

Welcome to week 4 of our discipleship journey!

Prayer is so powerful! Here is the webpage I mentioned in this week’s video with the resources from the General Conference Revival and Reformation committee.

Here is a link to some amazing prayer printed prayer resources.

Here are some great presentations on AudioVerse about prayer.

Week #3 – Testimony of Jesus

Here is a playlist for the Keepers of the Flame series mentioned on page 256.

God bless!

Keepers of the Flame Playlist

Here is an amazing resource from Voice of Prophecy with some incredible eyewitness accounts of Ellen White in vision and other information.