Worship Services

8:30 am* 11:00 am**

Pianist: Belen Lohr* Trent Logan**
Organist: Joyce Rapp
Song Leader: Porter Team* Gary Strunk**
Lead Deacon: Jose Guajardo

Songs of Praise: #285 Jesus Calls Us, #281 I Gave My Life For Thee
Invocation: Elder John Irlam
Opening Hymn: #272 Give Me the Bible
Offering (Local Church Budget) & Prayer: John Irlam
Offertory: The First Angels’ Message by the Three Angels’ Messages Children’s Choir
Children’s Story: Anique Augustus* Keith Perman**
Children will collect the Lambs Offering before the story, baskets are at the back of the sanctuary
Scripture: (II Thessalonians 2:9, 10) Anique Augustus*
Prayer song: Our Dear Father Hear Our Prayer
Special Music: I Will Shine by the Three Angels’ Messages Children’s Choir**
Sermon: The Love of the Truth, Part II by Pastor John Anderson
Closing Hymn: #596 Look for the Waymarks

Sabbath School Classes

Classes begin at 9:45 am

Children’s Classes

  • Cradle Roll (Ages 0-3 in the Cradle Roll room)

  • Kindergarten (Ages 4-6 in the Kindergarten room)

  • Primary (Ages 7-9 in the Primary room)

  • Juniors (Ages 10-12 in the Junior room)

  • Earliteens (Ages 13-15 in the Earliteen room)

Youth and Young Adult Classes

  • Youth (Ages 15-18 in front of the youth room)

  • Young Adult (Ages 18-35 Upstairs in the multi-purpose building)

Adult Classes

  • Adult Lesson Study (Sanctuary Front)

  • Adult Lesson Study (Room Behind the Piano)

  • Spirit of Prophecy class studying Great Controversy (Room Behind the Organ)

  • Great Controversy class (Fellowship Hall and Zoom with Pastor John Anderson)

Online Only

  • Adult Sabbath School Lesson “The Everlasting Covenant” (YouTube)

Afternoon Activities

6:13 pm – Sunset

7:00 pm – Revelation Today

Church Announcements

Receive church updates by text! Just send the word Mentone to 74121

If you are impressed you need more time with the Lord after the 11 am service please join us for a “Pause for Prayer” in the room behind the piano.

Attention all musicians, we are beginning the planning for our Annual Holiday Concert at Mentone. It will take place December 18th at 4:30 pm. Gather your groups and selections and start practicing. Please let us know no later than NOVEMBER 26th. Please be aware that we may need to have groups perform less selections to provide space for as many as possible. Get your requests in as soon as possible as we have a limited concert schedule. All selections will need to be screened by one of the Music Coordinators, which includes Julie Bowes, Anna Sparks, Denise Templeton, and Kathleen Wong.

ATTENTION SINGERS !!! You are invited to join us THIS MONDAY NIGHT, October 18 at 7:00 pm, in the Sanctuary, to prepare a CHOIR anthem for Sabbath, October 30. We will meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday, for two weeks only. After the Revelation Today series is over, we plan to meet once a week on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Judy Northrop will be available in the Sanctuary after the worship service today, to answer any questions. May God bless our efforts to lift up Jesus in song!

Evangelism Training: Do you want to have more confidence in sharing your faith with others? When you enroll in this 12-week course, you will learn practical skills on how to win people for Christ. You will learn how to engage people in meaningful conversations and to transition naturally into spiritual topics. You will discover simple and effective means to easily find Bible study interests. You will learn how to write your own Bible study, how to give it, how to answer tough questions, and how to lead someone to make decisions for Christ. You will learn how to close the proverbial back door of the church by helping new members become active disciples for Jesus. Sign up today at http://mentonechurch.org/evangelism

Vaccine exemption waiver – if you have a religious conviction that would result in your conscience being violated by taking the vaccine please contact Pastor John Anderson and he provide a letter.

Meal Trains: thank you for helping these families, by either cooking a meal or buying a meal for them!
Goulbourne’sclick here
Wayne Blowersclick here
Meyer’sclick here

Birthday Blessings! October 16th: Tookie Wren, Season Smith, Shirley Torres 17th: Steve Sparks 18th: Albert Sison 19th: Beverly Bluhm 20th: Anna Miller 21st: Tommy Cooper, Samuel Oyoyo 22nd: David Smith, Noah Perez, Kathleen Wong 23rd: Immanuel Martinez, Izabella Isaac

Second Readings:
To Mentone: Arthur & Janis Smith from Azure Hills SDA church

From Mentone: Gatra & Linda Suhari to Azure Hills SDA
Erenly (Silva )Donker & Bryan Donker to Mariposa SDA church
Daniel Cerna to Berrien Springs Village SDA church, Berrien Springs MI

Transfer requests – Have you been attending Mentone for a while and feel impressed to join our church family? Please do so by filling out our online transfer request form or using a connect card. Please note that it normally takes 2 to 3 months for transfers to come through after they are submitted. If it has been longer than this please contact our church clerk, Oxana, by emailing oxanateppoe@yahoo.com.


Revelation Today: The Great Reset with It Is Written continues each Friday, Sabbath, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Three Angels’ Gospel Tabernacle. We will be showing the video from Pastor John Bradshaw and then enjoying a round table discussion.

Mentone Church is hosting DivorceCare on Thursdays thru December 9, 2021. The meeting will be 2 hours in duration, starting at 6:30 p.m. and ending at 8:30pm. DivorceCare is a Christian based program which aims to support and encourage those who are currently and have gone through separation and or divorce. See a short video (click here). For additional information contact Rick and Cheryl Craven at the following number: 909 435-5675 to register. You may also contact Cecil Templeton at 909 316-9676.

Child Guidance Study Group. Are you a mother/parent seeking to raise your child in the love and fear of God? You are invited to join our Child Guidance Study Group on WhatsApp! The reading schedule is provided, with optional opportunity to join the weekly group studies available on Monday evenings @ 7 pm via Zoom. To join, please message Linnea Buchheim @ 209-484-9015

We believe in prayer! Join us by phone or computer EVERY DAY of the week at 6am (see events for the full schedule). Join our WhatsApp prayer chain as well.


as of September 30, 2021

Church Budget: $183,682 (goal $183,121) over by $561
10/40 Missions (GodPods for Siberia): $16,919.96
10/40 Missions (Bible Study Guides in Languages in the Euro Asia Division): $14,688.41
10/40 Missions (Mission School in Kazakhstan): $14,733.42

Tithes and offerings – You can remit them online or by sending your envelope to:
Mentone Seventh-day Adventist Church
PO Box 127
Mentone, CA 92359