Our Ministry Leaders

John Anderson
John AndersonSenior Pastor
John T Anderson began his pastoral ministry in the Southeastern California Conference in 1974, and at the Mentone Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2015. He loves the Lord very much and believes that we are indeed living in the last hours of earth’s history, and that soon Jesus will return to take us home. He is fascinated by the study of the words of Scripture, discovering and sharing new meanings from the terms found in the Bible. He is married to Sandy, and together they enjoy studying God’s word, cooking and spending time with their family, especially their four granddaughters.
Jeff Harper
Jeff HarperAssociate Pastor
Jeff, his beautiful bride Nickele and their three precious children are incredibly thankful for the privilege of serving alongside Mentone as they all together share the everlasting Gospel of peace and hope in the surrounding communities. Jeff looks forward to the soon return of Jesus where he will be reunited with his brother Daniel who passed away in 2011 from cancer and where he will see his Friend and Savior Jesus Christ. Jeff’s vision is that everyone locally and beyond receive a meaningful invitation to accept Jesus, embrace the blessing of following Bible truth and join a vibrant Adventist group.
Bob Streib
Bob StreibAssociate Pastor
Pastor Robert Streib has been pastoring churches for the last 46 years, He began his ministry as a church planter planting three churches in Oklahoma in three years. He also has worked concurrently as a pastor and teacher as an Academy and college Bible teacher. He has traveled to 21 countries on mission trips and enjoys multicultural ministry. He is the father of three adult children and three grandchildren. He also has a specialized ministry of organizing and leading Bible tours to the Middle East holy lands of Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey , Egypt, Lebanon, and European reformation tours. Hobbies include gardening and reading but his greatest love is for the Bible and God’s people to help build God‘s kingdom.
Dan Skoretz
Dan SkoretzAssociate Pastor
Pastor Dan Skoretz
Natalia Soochcoff
Natalia SoochcoffPrincipal/Teacher
Rodney Bowes
Rodney BowesHead Elder
Julie Bowes
Julie BowesTreasurer
David Park
David ParkHead Deacon
Loretta Bianchi
Loretta BianchiHead Deaconess
Dan Grecian
Dan GrecianMaintenance
Samuel Florian
Samuel FlorianSpanish Group Leader

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