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We invite you to join us for Bible study and worship any Saturday morning. When you arrive at church on a Saturday morning, you might be greeted with a hearty “Happy Sabbath!” That’s a traditional Seventh-day Adventist greeting expressing our appreciation for your presence, and our gratitude for the Sabbath rest this day contains.


8:30 & 11 am Church ServiceS

Our Christ-centered services have several components:

Music has a powerful influence on our worship and we choose music that elevates us above the din of the world to the throne of heaven.

Our church believes in the importance of preaching from the Bible and we encourage everyone to bring a physical copy to the Sacred Scriptures along with a notepad to take careful notes from the morning sermon.

We have a special time for prayer during this service. If you have a special prayer request please submit it online using our "prayer request form."

You will find an outline of the program on our bulletins webpage

10:00 am Sabbath School

Our Bible study time on Saturday morning begins at 10 am and is called "Sabbath School."

If you have a child, ask a greeter where the appropriate children's class is meeting. Once you've dropped off your child you can join any class you wish, though if it's your first time, we recommend remaining in the sanctuary for the Sabbath School class there.

Many of our adult Sabbath School classes use a 13-week study guide published four times a year, called the Sabbath School Quarterly. If you don't have your own copy of the quarterly, please tell the greeter or Sabbath School teacher and we'll get you a complimentary copy.

Sabbath School ends at 10:50, with a short break prior to the worship service at 11:00. This is the time to go pick up your child, then make your way back to the sanctuary.



Join us on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm for a time of fellowship, study, and prayer.
We believe in prayer! How may we pray for you?


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