"True education is to know and to do the will of God."

- Ellen White

About Us

We are a small multi-grade school designed for parents looking for a wholistic approach to education. Children receive instruction in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Bible, Music, Art, Baking, Gardening, Construction, and more. Mentone SDA School’s objective is to train children to save and to serve.

Mission Statement

To educate our children to know Jesus and in love make Him known; to mature in character that will provide service to others; and to develop academically to meet their highest potential with God’s guidance.


  1. Assist students in developing a personal knowledge and love relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
  2. Provide abundant opportunity and incentive for each student to develop his or her spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social potential.
  3. Promote an attitude of love and respect for every person as an individual, regardless of culture, race, gender, faith or viewpoint.
  4. Foster an attitude of appreciation and respect for all honest work and provide opportunity to develop industriousness, fidelity, integrity and initiative in meaningful work experiences.
  5. Promote love and loyalty to our country, develop respect for duly constituted authority at all levels of society and instill a sense of civic responsibility.
  6. Provide an environment where free speech, and free thinking encourages the ultimate in successful individual and cooperative learning.
  7. Meet or exceed SECC and the State of California curriculum requirements.
  8. Determine knowledge and skill level base for each student and customize specific curriculum for individual needs to bring them up to their grade level or excel beyond their grade level.

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