Leadership Team

Fred Dana

Senior Pastor

Pastor Fred was born and raised in a large Adventist family in the countryside of central Massachusetts. He is the middle child of seven siblings. After graduating from Atlantic Union College in 1980, Fred took an elementary teacher position at the Middletown church school in New York where he met and eventually married Lorrie Fee.

Over the next 15 years, Fred also taught in schools in Indiana, Vermont, Florida and Virginia. He’s worked with every grade level from kindergarten to seniors in college. During that time, Fred and Lorrie raised a son and a daughter, Jared and Emily, who were just coming to their teen years when Fred received a call to pastor in Iowa.
After several years passed, they had the opportunity to move back to New York where Fred pastored the Middletown church where Lorrie grew up and where they were married. While in New York, Fred did his Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry.

With Jared getting married and starting a family in Wisconsin (two children), eventually the Dana’s took up work in the mid-west in 2010. From there they came to Sacramento in the summer of 2015. Their daughter, Emily, also lives in California. She is married, has one child, and lives in San Diego.

Fred is a fun loving person who enjoys people, and contemplating on how God works in our lives. He loves learning history, singing, bike riding, walking with Lorrie, being in the woods, and outdoor adventures with children. He sees Lorrie as his best friend, sweetheart, and an amazing cook.

Pastor Dana has a passion for members to learn and grow in their Bible understanding and Christian experience. He wants to see as many people as possible participating in and enjoying the life of the church. People readily experience personal growth in a healthy and happy community of believers that truly love each other. And, such a healthy fellowship will draw in others so that numerical growth will seem natural. Yet, that growth is the result of following Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct our lives.

Guilherme Borda

Associate Pastor

Guilherme Borda was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has recently joined the Mentone church community along with his family. One of his pastoral responsibilities is to minister to young adults. He also teaches a weekly class on the Book of Revelation and is responsible for Wednesday Prayer Meeting. Pastor Borda is a Ph.D. student in New Testament Studies at Andrews University, and contributes as a volunteer for programs by Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN). He is interested in missions, exploring ideas of relevance to Christian living, and teaching and writing across disciplinary boundaries. He enjoys talking to people, learning about topics from various areas, listening to music, collecting plants, walking, and getting to know different places.

Rodney Bowes

Associate Pastor

Pastor's Rodney's main responsibilities are media (technology), missions, and members. He works with the team to develop our website, app, and communications. He plans to organize several church mission trips every year and will seek to involve every member in some form of outreach. He and his wife, Julie, enjoying spending time in the garden/nature with their daughter Sierra, conducting Bible Prophecy and Health seminars, doing whatever is needed to grow God's kingdom around the world.

Nathanael Činčala

Youth Pastor

Nathanael's passion for missions and ministry began early on when he assisted his father in planting a church in the Czech Republic. This passion has only grown as God has led him through various opportunities to serve in ministry clubs at Andrews University, as a missionary in Micronesia and Costa Rica, and currently as a Youth Pastor at Mentone SDA Church. Apart from his dedication to missions and his love for Jesus, Nathanael and his wife Esterady also find joy in traveling, exploring different cultures, and spending time in nature.

Samuel Florian

Hispanic Group Ministry Coordinator

Samuel Florian began his pastoral ministry in 1978, serving the Lord in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and the United States, since 1989. He married his beloved wife Lina and were blessed with 3 wonderful children and 3 adorable grandchildren.  He is a friend and servant of Jesus Christ, passionate about soul’s gain and caring for them.