Leadership Team

Pastors and Leaders

John Anderson

Senior Pastor

John T Anderson began his pastoral ministry in the Southeastern California Conference in 1974, and at the Mentone Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2015. He loves the Lord very much and believes that we are indeed living in the last hours of earth’s history, and that soon Jesus will return to take us home. He is fascinated by the study of the words of Scripture, discovering and sharing new meanings from the terms found in the Bible. He is married to Sandy, and together they enjoy studying God’s word, cooking and spending time with their family, especially their four granddaughters.

Dan Skoretz

Associate Pastor

Pastor Dan and his precious wife Elaine have served the Lord for decades and continue to find their highest joy in helping people find Jesus Christ and His last-day message of hope and joy.

Rodney Bowes

Assistant Pastor

Rodney has served as a pastor, evangelist, teacher, and medical missionary trainer. Since 1999 he has served in various ministries with a passion to share the present truth through health evangelism. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities he volunteers as the President of the Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT).  He and his wife, Julie, enjoying spending time in the garden/nature with their daughter Sierra, sharing the Bible with their neighbors, doing whatever is needed to grow God's kingdom around the world.

nathanael činčala

youth Pastor

Nathanael's passion for missions and ministry began early on when he assisted his father in planting a church in the Czech Republic. This passion has only grown as God has led him through various opportunities to serve in ministry clubs at Andrews University, as a missionary in Micronesia and Costa Rica, and currently as a Youth Pastor at Mentone SDA Church. Apart from his dedication to missions and his love for Jesus, Nathanael and his wife Esterady also find joy in traveling, exploring different cultures, and spending time in nature.

Samuel Florian

Hispanic Group Ministry Coordinator

Samuel Florian began his pastoral ministry in 1978, serving the Lord in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and the United States, since 1989. He married his beloved wife Lina and were blessed with 3 wonderful children and 3 adorable grandchildren.  He is a friend and servant of Jesus Christ, passionate about soul’s gain and caring for them.

Natalia Soochcoff

Principal / Teacher

Natalia has been has a passion to help children excel academically, emotionally, physically, and most important spiritually.

Edward Dinger

Head Deacon

Ed loves to help and has a deep desire to hasten the Lord's coming by serving people in a variety of practical ways.

Julie Bowes


Julie Bowes loves working with numbers and seeing how God blesses His church and the people who generously give to His work.  She has a wonderful husband, Rodney, and a precious daughter, Sierra Victoria Grace.  She loves spending time with her family, creating biblical games, playing music, studying nature, and learning more about God’s beautiful character.

Joyce Rapp


Fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist, earned a B. Mus. Ed. in voice, minors in organ and piano, enough other credits for additional Bachelor's in Elementary Education and Journalism. Earned a Master of Arts in Religious Studies after receiving Juris Doctor and passing the State Bar in1992. Practicing law again in a limited manner and worked for the Nevada-Utah Conference as a Bible worker for six months in 2012 where, by God's grace, saw an interest baptized despite a very dramatic attempt by Satan to prevent it. Recently widowed by a husband she brought into the SdA church in 2005. Enjoys making laprobes and rugs for wheelchair patients in the VA Hospital, writing stories and making greeting cards. Looking forward to meeting her Savior and talking with Him face to face.

Dan Grecian

Head of Maintenance

If something is broken Dan can most likely fix it. He has a heart for service and a deep love for God and his present day truth.