Three Angels' Messages Part 4

by Pastor John Anderson

Welcome back, and thanks again for joining us as we continue to give focus on the messages of the three angels, found in Revelation 14:6-12. We have sees that these messages are God’s last appeal to Planet Earth. God has a plan for this planet; of that we can be absolutely certain. And, our thoughts and deeds must conform to what He has planned. To know the issues that face this earth at the end of time is crucial! The three angels’ messages concentrate on these very issues. It is a matter of mystery that so many people are unacquainted with these messages! The devil has worked his hardest to hide them or make people think they are not understandable or irrelevant.
Try to imagine this scene for a minute. Suppose you came up to Adam in the Garden of Eden before sin and asked him, “Have you heard about the two trees, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Do you know what their significance is? Why are they important?” Since both of these trees are described in the second chapter of Genesis, before transgression, we can well imagine that Adam knew all about them.
But what, in our hypothetical, if Adam responded, “No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about the two trees. I’ve been very busy working on my house and doing some gardening. Aren’t these grapes lovely?” Would that have been possible? Would God have left Adam in ignorance about the significance of the two trees? That’s unimaginable! Unthinkable! Knowing about those two trees would mean everything! It was life and death information!
            But how many know about the messages of the three angels today? Be advised: they are just as crucial in our time as was the message of the two trees in Adam’s time! The fact that Adam failed in eating the fruit from the forbidden tree, resulting in God’s wonderful plan of salvation being revealed, makes it even more important for us to know what the issues are that face us in these last days. Adam, and all of his children, was essentially given “another chance” to make the right decision. We can’t afford to end up on the wrong side now! This is our “second chance.” There won’t be another after this!
            Soon His plan will come to completion, and those who have committed their hearts to Him will enjoy the eternity that He has in store for those who love Him and follow Him. The 6,000-year detour caused by sin will be over. Life is not just going to continue on indefinitely here on earth; the Lord has a design and it will come to pass. When He comes back, as He has promised, life here as we know it will come to a complete and climactic end.
All of man’s projects and enterprises, into which he has invested time, money, sweat and energy will cease. It will all come to a final end. Oh, how differently things will look in the light of His coming! But God has graciously allowed us to know the basics of His plan, and how we can fit into it. To live life without an interest in or knowledge of His plan is to make the ultimate mistake; a mistake that will lead to eternal death. We must study the three angels’ messages! Please join us next time as we continue our investigation.

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