Stephanie Dawn Concert

Join us on February 17, 2024 at 5pm for a beautiful concert with Stephanie Dawn.
When Stephanie Dawn first sang the chorus of “Jesus Loves Me” at the age of 11 months, her mother knew that God had given her a special gift. From that day onward, Stephanie’s love of music and her ability to sing blossomed. At the age of three she sang her first solo in church, and when she was nine years old, she recorded her first album and began traveling. Since then she has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center, GC sessions, as well as many churches, camp meetings, and other venues around the United States. She has been featured on the 700 Club, 3ABN, and The Voice of Prophecy. Her connection with The Voice of Prophecy came about through her friendship with Del Delker. Del Delker and Stephanie met when Stephanie was four years old. Del took Stephanie under her wing and became her mentor, and by the time Stephanie reached adulthood they had become close friends. They remained close until Del’s death in 2018.

In 2000, God called Stephanie, her mother, and her stepfather and pianist, Dann Thornton, into fulltime music ministry. They began traveling around the United States, sharing the message of God’s love through music and spoken messages, but Stephanie has not been without her struggles. She has been blind from birth and suffers from other health challenges, but, as was the case with Paul, Christ’s strength is made perfect in her weakness. There were times when she was unable to travel due to her health, but God used these trials to teach her valuable lessons and give her a deeper understanding of His character. Stephanie has shared her testimony at many churches around the United States, as well as on 3ABN, because she wants to give hope to others who are struggling.

After a time of not traveling due to Covid, God called Stephanie and her parents back into fulltime ministry in July of 2021, and through the help of Lonnie Melashenko and other friends, enough funds were raised for them to purchase a motorhome. They now travel around the United States in their motorhome, which is the only home they have. Stephanie and her parents believe that we are at the time of the end, and their mission is to help people understand and take hold of the righteousness of Christ in these last days. It is their hope and prayer that God will use their programs to help others see the Gospel more clearly and draw them closer to Him.

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