September 10 Bulletin

8:25 am* 
11:00 am**

Prelude: Organ
Songs of Praise: #317 Lead Me to Calvary, #327 I'd Rather Have Jesus
Welcome and Announcements
Invocation: Elder Ivan Buchheim
Opening Hymn: #245 More About Jesus
Worship in Giving: Ivan Buchheim World Mission (Radio Ministries)
Offertory: Be Thou May Vision by Nathania Leon, Anisa, & J.C. Urban*
     Abide With Me by Marissa Bonilla**
Children’s Story: Patricia Perez
Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:13-16 Danny Morgan**
Prayer Song: Congregation
Our Dear Father Hear Our Prayer
Worship in Prayer: Danny Morgan**
Worship in Song: Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone by Anisa and Emily Urban*
       Come Thou Fount by Marissa Bonilla & Kristen Wong**
Sermon: Salt of the Earth, Light of the World, part 2 Pastor John Anderson
Closing Hymn: #358 Far and Near the Fields Are Teeming
Benediction: Pastor John Anderson
Postlude: Organ

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