May 20 Bulletin

8:30 am Church Service 

Prelude: Organ
Welcome and Announcements: Elder Art Smith
Introit+: Organ
Invocation+:  Pastor John Anderson
Songs of Praise: #290 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, #2 All Creatures of Our God and King
Opening Hymn: #338 Redeemed!
Worship In Giving (Local Church Budget): Art Smith
Offertory: Thanks Be to Thee by Sparks Family                                        
Children’s Story:  Tina Kazzi
Scripture Reading (Proverbs 4:20-23): Janis Smith 
Prayer Song  (Our Dear Father Hear Our Prayer): Congregation
Worship in Prayer+: Loren Smith
Worship in Song: O Lord Most High by Sparks Family                           
Sermon:  On Guard! by Pastor John Anderson                          
Closing Hymn: #614 Sound the Battle Cry 
Benediction:  Pastor John Anderson
Postlude: Organ
+ Please Kneel

10:00 am Sabbath School Classes 

Children's Classes
Cradle Roll (Ages 0-3)
Kindergarten (Ages 4-6)
Primary (Ages 7-9)
Juniors (Ages 10-12)
Earliteens (Ages 13-15)

Youth Class
Youth (Ages 15+)

Young Adult Class (Meets in classroom above the multi-purpose room)
Young Adults (18-35)

Adult Classes
Adult Sabbath School Class  (Sanctuary)
Adult Lesson Study (Room behind the piano)
Discipleship Class (Room behind the organ)
Spirit of Prophecy class now studying The Story of Redemption (Pathfinder Room)
Revelation of Hope class (Fellowship Hall and Zoom)

11:00 am Church Service 

Welcome & Announcements:  Elder Art Smith
Processional & Flags: Pathfinders, Adventurers, and Color Guard
    Pledge to the American Flag:  Alejandro Montero
    Pledge to the Bible:  Sophia Garcia
    Pledge to the Christian Flag:  Kevin Burk
Introit & Invocation
Songs of Praise:  #290 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, #2 All Creatures of Our God and King
Opening Hymn:  #338 Redeemed!
Worship in Giving:  Andrew Torres
Offertory: The Holy City by Marissa Bonilla & Kristen Wong
Year in Review Slideshow
Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 4:20-23 by Sophia Barnard
Call to Prayer:  Prayer Song by Congregation
Prayer:  Andre Huerta
Pathfinder Investiture:  Samuel Wong
    Pathfinder Pledge & Law by  Hazel Cerna & Heidi Burk
    Pathfinder Aim & Motto by  Jonathan Lohr
    Pathfinder Song by Jaspy Razafindrabe
Adventurer Investiture:  Samuel Wong
    Adventurer Pledge by Anastasia Cuevas
    Adventurer Law by Jaden Morgan
    Adventurer Song by Sophia Shin
Special Music:  Blessed is the One by Pathfinders & Adventurers
Sermon:  On Guard! by Pastor John Anderson
Closing Hymn:  #614 Sound the Battle Cry
Benediction:  Pastor John Anderson
Recessional : #614 Sound the Battle Cry by Organ/Piano

SECC Youth Theme:
Rooted in Jesus
Jeremiah 17:7, 8

Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
And whose hope is the LORD.
For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,
Which spreads out its roots by the river,
And will not fear when heat comes;
But its leaf will be green,
And will not be anxious in the year of drought,
Nor will cease from yielding fruit.

Mentone Mustangs 

Active Ants/Little Lambs: Teacher Elisa Shin
Opal Barnard, Malachi Catolico, Anastasia Cuevas, Josiah Morgan, Abel
Pitcher (Ant), Alma Salvador, Kyle Shin, William Thomas, Kian Velasco

Eager Beavers: Teachers Lola Jegede, Anna & Joe Krpalek
Jackson Cachero, Rachel Jegede, Abbie Jovel, Gabriella Krpalek, Elyana
Lataeanu, Reed Ontiveros, Ava Park, Ailsie Rasman

Busy Bees: Teachers Anmisely Montero & Season Smith
Bruno Borda, Iris Garcia, Arwen Giles, Lucas Gonzalez, Miracle Johnson,
Andres Montero, Jeremiah Morgan, Jeremias Salvador, Charis Shin, Sage
Smith, Solomon Smith, Andrew Torres

Sunbeams: Teacher Heidi Uruena
Jadyn Cachero, Maya Catolico, Melody Ontiveros, Luciana Uruena

Builders: Teacher Patricia Thomas
Quintin Bryson, Cristiano Jovel, Levi Krpalek, Paula Moretta, Sophia
Shin, Nathan Thomas, Bianca Zaninovic

Helping Hands: Teacher Natalia Soochkoff
Daniel Akinfenwa, Isaiah Cerna, Jaden Morgan, Soley Oyoyo, Judah
Smith, Susana Uruena, Jaelyn Wong

Friends: Counselor Daniel Morgan
Lisa Huerta, Michelle Lohr, Joshua Morgan, Paul Rasman, Daniel Smith,
Jessica Thomas, Gianmarco Zaninovic

Companions: Counselor Anique Augustus
Nathan Manea, Jaspy Razafindrabe, Jonny Schmidt

Explorers: Counselor Yaczaira Zaninovic
Marissa Bonilla, Kevin Burk, Isabel Cortes, Francesca Garcia, Jonathan
Lohr, Alejandro Montero, Emma Schmidt, Canela Smith, Mikey Sprenkle,
Sasha Zaninovic

Rangers: Counselor Carlos Moretta
Hazel Cerna, Natalia Montero, Denise Moretta, Emily Urban, Kristen

Voyagers: Counselor Annie Huerta
Miriam Barnard, Sophia Barnard, Heidi Burk, Sofia Garcia, Andre Huerta

Pathfinder & Adventurers Directors – Samuel & Kathleen Wong
Adventurers Deputy Director – Nathalia Rasman
Pathfinder Advisor - Marlene Steinweg
Chaplain - Pastor Jeff Harper
Secretary/Honors Coordinator – Lucinda Schmidt;
Drilling and Marching Instructor – Daniel Barnard
Memory Book Coordinator – Andrea Balog
Backpacking Leader – Loren Smith
Color Guard Commander: Kristen Wong
Color Guard members: Isaiah Cerna, Michelle Lohr, Nathan Manea, Ailsie Rasman, Emma Schmidt, Jaelyn Wong
Praise Team Singers: Miriam Barnard, Francesca Garcia, Lisa Huerta, Soley Oyoyo, Bianca Zaninovic
Pianist: Natalia Montero

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