Chapter 9 Highlights

We are now beginning section 4 "Church Life".

I really appreciated the concept of the ministry of attendance.  From my own personal experience I can certainly attest to the fact that it means a lot when people simply come to church programs.

This chapter focused on 3 main areas of involvement:

Sabbath School

I really appreciated the aspects that make Sabbath school meaningful to people of all ages:

  1. Study of Scripture - we need to be "people of the book"
  2. Fellowship - it is important to get to know each other and really get to know one another
  3. Community outreach - this is a very important idea and I think it needs more discussion. How can we make our Sabbath school classes more outreach oriented?
  4. World mission emphasis - it is exciting to be part of a worldwide family that works together to share the Three Angels Messages with the world.

Church Service

We are blessed at Mentone to have vibrant church programs, with lots of congregational singing, great children stories, testimonies, inspiring songs of worship, as well as powerful messages from God's word.

Prayer meeting or Small Group

The idea that prayer meeting is the pulse of a church is indeed though provoking... and begs the question - are we alive?

Let's pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will fall afresh on us the we will desire to put God first in our lives... in all aspects.

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