April 9 Bulletin

Friday Night Schedule

6:00 pm - True Medical Ministry by Dr. John Shin
7:00 pm - Will We Pass the Test? by Pastor Dennis Priebe

Sabbath Schedule

8:00 am - Christ and the Three Angels by Pastor Dennis Priebe
9:30 am - Sabbath school with Pastor John Anderson
11:00 am -The Remnant by Pastor John Lomacang
12:30 pm - Lunch (sack lunch provided)
2:00 pm - Health or Wholeness? by Dr. John Shin
3:00 pm - The Faith of Jesus by Pastor John Lomacang
4:00 pm - How Will the Lamb Become a Dragon by Pastor Dennis Priebe
5:00 pm - Misdirection & Guile by Matthew Priebe
6:00 pm - Picnic supper (bring your own)
7:00 pm - Sundown worship with Pastor John Anderson
7:30 pm - Materials for sale in the fellowship hall

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Community Health Expo
9:30 am to 2:30 pm - Community Blood Drive (donors needed)

Church Announcements

Thank you for joining us for our I Will Go spring convocation! We are so glad you came. Please download our Mentone SDA app to stay in contact with us for future events.  If you would like to help with some of the costs for this program, you can give online to the I Will Go spring convocation fund.

Join us for our 3rd Annual International Food Festival on April 24 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Enjoy vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Wear international attire. Bring comfortable chairs. See our website for more details.

Best Weigh Program – Want to lose weight and keep it off? Join a 10 week program that has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their ideal weight. Starts April 25. Space is limited. Sign up today at www.mentonechurch.org/bestweigh.

IYMC is offering at Mentone exciting Music Camp opportunities for ages 6-13 from June 5-11.  Please visit iymcsda.org/mentone for registration and more information. Music Ministry Training is for musicians ages 13 and up who wish to improve their musical skills and better understand the intersection between music and service. Attendees gain inspiration, guidance, and the practical training needed to revitalize music ministry. Over the course of a week, these classes equip students to be better music ministers in their local churches and beyond. Early bird registration is until April 12. Please visit iymcsda.org/mmt for more information.

Music For Everyone at Mentone SDA Church is designed for teens and adults who never had the opportunity to study music growing up but have a desire to begin their journey now. Perhaps you did take music lessons in your youth but it’s been so long you hardly remember anything. This is the event for you! Attendees will have the option to study piano, guitar, or voice. This one-hour class will be held from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM over the course of five days. Early bird registration is until April 12.  Please visit iymcsda.org/mfe.

Share Love’s Last Call and the Great Controversy with your neighbors.
We are planning to have a farewell potluck for the Templeton's on Sabbath, April 16 at the church after the 11 am service. Asian food theme - please bring a vegan dish for 12 people. Bring something (like a picture of you with them, a index card with an word of encouragement, etc.) to put in a scrapbook for them.

Financial Information

as of March 31, 2022
Church Budget: $55,652.71 (goal $68,286.01 to date)
Mentone 10-40: $25,957.67 (goal $68,286.01 to date)

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